Welcome to MikeHarvey.ca

Welcome to my web site, here you can check out my photographs and if you like buy copies online or order prints.

If you want to just check things out, you can read some of my posts, about woodworking, photography , or one of my recent rants.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to MikeHarvey.ca

  1. Hello Mr. Harvey:
    Are you the same Mike Harvey that made the great website telling the story of the Canadian airmen that crashed into Foula Island, Scotland in 1944?
    I am very interested in doing more with that story and would like you to be involved with it as much as possible……if you are interested.

    Blessings on your weekend and 2018, Sincerely, William Todd

    1. mikehhfx

      Hi William

      I am the same, I am interested in providing any new updates to the site, I would really like to find a permanent home for the site.
      My email is mharvey@seenovascotia.com

      Cheers Mike H

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